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Being Dynamic in Observation

We look at the person their eye for better contact. Repeat back to them something that they have stated, using their words. Mirror their body language. Respond with uh-huh and other indications that let the speaker know you’re listening to them. While this posture may seem like listening, there are things internally in the listener that must-do for authentic listening and deep listening to happen.

Leadership and Observation

Leadership By Observation

Interpretations are limited when we have not sorted through observations. In this post we look at the process of Leadership By Observation. In my last post, I shared a definition of Leadership. I spoke about Observation, and having a Curious attitude. I’d like to further unpack some thoughts around Observation. It’s like washing clothes. But …

Defining Leadership in Today’s World

While in the past, civilizations have faced war and threats from beyond a country’s borders – today, we face more threats from within. Habits and focus need to be changed to reflect those threats and leaders should have the conviction and morals to convince and advocate positive change.

What Is Your Leadership Style?

What Is Your Leadership Style? Knowing your leadership style can help you in many areas of your life and career choices. Styles of leadership differ from person to person and involve your style of implementing strategies, how you motivate others and how you provide direction to followers. Some styles of leadership to study are: Paternalistic …

5 Common Mistakes Leaders Make

Introduction Leaders are prone to take risks and those risks may cause others to see them as ‘losers,’ especially if the leadersdon’t have full knowledge of what the endeavor consists of before they become involved. Some mistakes come from thinking so radically that it’s impossible to know how taking a chance will turn out. If …