Experience is Experience

Let me know if you can relate.

Introduction – What Experience?

I met a black, young lady, today at Pizza Hut. I figured she was about 25 or 26 years old. After some small talk, she let me know she was looking for another job with the following:

– More pay
– No weekends, a 9 am – 5 pm
Furthermore, her experience was in the warehouse and manufacturing.

Then she shared that she had an undergraduate degree in business with an emphasis in accounting.

Problem Lack of Experience

As I was about to become more curious, she added, when I apply for jobs, I was told I don’t have enough experience!

Getting experience is a real problem. I Googled, “how to get job experience.” I was amazed that the top five sites (well one almost did, but no) never gave the solution I am recommending below. Here they are:

No Experience? No Problem! 5 Ways to Get a Job Without Experience

Getting an Entry-Level Job with No Experience

How To Find A Job Without Any Work Experience

How to get a job without experience (when no one will hire you without experience)

The people at Fastweb did include the solution. So big ups to them.

Does anyone remember that chicken and egg look alike! You know. It goes, no one gives me a chance how do I get the experience? I thought we had this one licked in the community!

So to all those young and not so young persons out there here is a hot tip.

Solution to Experience

Drum roll, please.

Experience is experience, is experience.

Go to your local church (one on every corner). Check out any local nonprofit (especially one where you like what they are about). Offer to do what you have the training to do in exchange for a letter of recommendation and approval to list them on your resume, Linkedin, Indeed, or any other media.

That is bonafide EXPERIENCE Yay.

So in the case of Kim (the name has been changed to protect my ignorance of her real name LOL!). Find three non-profits and one church. Offer 2 hours of volunteer bookkeeping, business process improvement, or any other service, per week.

That is forty hours of real-life experience per month, and you give a cash flow break to the organization you serve.


Now go forth and be “Experiencialized”!

Can you relate?