Leadership Value Decision

There is a line in the blog I recently read that spoke volumes to me about a value decision any leader can make. Often leaders are thrust into the limelight relative to the challenge around stepping up. While there is an exhilaration in confronting a problem and being in the thick of an issue, there comes a time when the actual pressure of the decision transposes from the illusion to the reality. That is that leadership will challenge you to bring about a greater internal than an external struggle.

Leaders have to manage the triggers that threaten their leadership effectiveness. A trigger is your reaction to something that causes you to be off balance. An example, when someone interrupts your statement, you react by speaking louder with irritation.

Managing these triggers requires a high level of emotional awareness, plus the knowledge of how to be adaptable and the willingness to alter your behavior to be an effective leader. You have permission to be human—that is, sometimes flawed and vulnerable—but you must never allow inner turmoil to wreak havoc upon those you lead. Lolly Daskal The 2 Rare Skills You Need To Be A Great Leader, (Follow her on Twitter)

The decision you make at this time, as a leader, will determine the value of your interaction. The value will appreciate or go higher enriching the relationship or depreciate and lower withdraw from respect, loyalty, and cooperation. Knowing your triggers give you a distinct advantage to planning your decision to respond in a manner that leads to a healthy outcome.

One technique that is often used to handle triggers is to decide to respond with silence, pause, think of what is best to say, then proceed toward the outcome you desire. The result gives you the chance to create Leadership Value Decision.

Do you know what triggers impact your leadership?