Leadership Coaching Packages
for Your Selection

SIX - 4 - ONE

Six-4-One is for individuals who seek to create a higher capacity for increased leadership roles for new ventures or turnaround challenges. One of the results is that managers and directors learn to lead with a coaching methodology.

Individual - Eighteen - one hr sessions where executives learn to coach direct reports and peers. Sessions happen over six months. Three sessions per month


When culture change is needed, it starts with leadership. These sessions are designed to impact all the areas that are a catalyst for cultural change through cultural leadership. Execution requires tenacity and partnership to bring results that allow the leader to grow at a pace in front of change.

Individual - thirty-four - one hr sessions where executives learn to coach direct reports and peers. Three sessions per month completed over 12 months.


Co-Lab, intensive facilitation of group coaching to create unity in a group of 24 or fewer persons that require a team precision efficiency. Especially useful when a new direction is needed, and change must begin immediately. The results are more significant team cohesiveness.

Two Day - Six-hour group intensive for leaders for up to 30 individuals. Co-Lab is for individuals serving at mid-manager up to director levels. The outcome is immediate results for challenges a group has in common.


Conflict is inevitable in any group setting. It can even have a positive impact when moving the group forward toward an objective. When conflict is too hot, it hinders injures people, hinders progress, and quality suffers.

This dysfunction requires immediate intervention of the participants in finding noble and common purpose again to succeed.

A single day 6 hour intensive for a group that desires immediate result for up to 18 persons.


Organizations have times where momentum seems to have plateaued. The answer is seldom in different personnel or changes processes, or new colors and logo. ReStart is the answer for organizations that want that vigor of accomplishment that comes with a purpose.

Three - six-hour group coaching/facilitation sessions for improvement of leadership up to 30 persons. Specifically for director up to C-suite levels in organizations.