VSA offered many essential services to get my nonprofit business. I am delighted with the services Mr. Sawyer provided to me. I was even more impressed with his level of effective communication, support, teaching, and motivation throughout the process. I highly recommend anyone interested in starting a business to consult with Mr. Sawyer.     

Shundrika Jones, CEO, Young Minds, Bright Future Outreach Center

Through regular one to one sessions, Mr. Sawyer leveraged his keen insight and active listening skills to help me, and many others in our community, tackle complex (adaptive) challenges. I’ve experienced a broad scope of mentors, coaches, and training opportunities. I’ve yet to find any as powerful or impactful as Vonzel Sawyer

Donna Young, Executive Director, Wyandotte Community Health Council

Any organization looking for someone who can both lead and manage change will find it challenging to find someone more capable than Vonzel Sawyer

Jerry Jones, Director of Community Health at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City